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A Private Blog Network (PBN) is simply a list of blogs that all work together to link to a third site with the aim of boosting it in the search engine results. In essence, all the sites on the PPN look and act like independent sites but they all work together to bring you the most visitors. Essentially, all the sites on the PPN are ranked higher in the search results and this is how the PPN makes money.

There are basically two types of private blog networks. You can either have one domain and associate several blogs under it or you can have one domain and host a blog within it. If you want to start making money with your own blog network then it is best to go for the second option. With one domain and multiple blogs you can join several PBN networks because you have all the benefits that come from being part of a larger network. It is therefore much easier to get link juice from other relevant domains and blogs and if you manage to get some high authority links coming in then you stand to make good money through PBNs. But on the downside, starting out you must spend more time on managing the private blog network than you would have spent on starting one from scratch.

Starting out with a simple PBN involves using expired domains that are highly valuable domains that are able to generate backlinks. These domains are bought and renewed with an expired domain reseller, which usually happens to be a well established company that has years of experience. Once the domain has been bought for an expired domain reseller, all you have to do is find relevant topics within the network that you feel would appeal to your readers and start writing content about it. You can choose between starting out from scratch with a one topic private blog network or you can join an existing private blog network.

The biggest risk involved with starting your own private blog network is not being aware of SEO. This is an industry where if you are not sure what you are doing, then it is advisable to hire a professional SEO company. An expert SEO company will be able to boost the ranking of your website in all the popular search engines through ethical SEO practices like article writing and directory submission. One of the most effective SEO strategies is keyword analysis and keyword competitiveness, because they can tell you which of your keywords are most likely to attract visitors and which ones aren’t competitive at all.

There are several advantages to joining a private blog network instead of just purchasing one or two domain names. Firstly, you would be able to build your own link network because the websites would contain links to yours. For example, if you had 3 domain names, then you would create content specific to those domains, place links to them and then publish them to your network. When people from your community to visit your website, they would be able to find your content easily because they are connected to those domains. This would also give you authority website income, because you have links from authority websites. If someone decides to buy a domain that is similar to one of your domains, then you would get more traffic and thus more authority website income as well.

Another advantage of buildin a private blog network is that you will have a lot of expired domains available for you to buy. These domain names are perfect to start a blog network because they have the potential to be very profitable and popular. You can then focus on publishing expired domains and monetizing your blog network. The secret here is finding niche websites that are well connected to your main niche site so you can create content around those. A private blog network will make it easier to monetize your niche websites, which will ultimately increase your income.

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